Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Gators are not National Champions... Yet

Being a Florida Gator fan is always tough. Even when they win it is a painful process as they have never really dominated the stronger opponents and always make the Florida faithful sweat it out game after game. Even the year the Gators won the National Championship, they had to rely on a series of events and they backed into the Championship. Regardless, we can say they won but there have always been skeptics; especially from any FSU fan you talk to.

After last nights close game against South Carolina, the local paper was filled with talk of going to the BCS title game. One columnist even said that all they have to do is win their last three games and they are in. Come on Florida Fans, let’s have a reality check. Two of the last three games are an away game at FSU and the SEC Championship vs. Arkansas (most likely). If we only look at FSU, you should know this is no gimmie. Their season is over, done, finished, and kaput. The only thing they are playing for at this point is one more win to become bowl eligible and to spoil any hopes Florida has at making it to the title game. I can promise you they are going to be out for a little Gator tail and just because they stink this year, does not mean they will not be up and ready to make the Gators come crashing down to Earth.

Then there is Arkansas. Have any of you seen them this year? They are unbelievable and every week they just get better. Their tailback McFadden is a yard chomping, defense leveling machine. This guy runs for more than 100 yards in a half and he simply cannot be stopped. They are going to wear down the Gator defense and end the game by running all over the Gators. Let’s not forget, they beat Auburn pretty easily and the Gators only loss was at the hands of Auburn.

Okay, so on any given day any SEC team can beat another, but I think the Gators have been fortunate this year. Granted, they have had the toughest schedule in the SEC, but that will probably play against them this year as they are going to be beaten and bruised by the end of the year. That’s what happened at Auburn. The Gators had just come off a string of tough SEC games, with the LSU game leading into Auburn; additionally Auburn had just lost at home the previous week to Arkansas and there was no way they were going to lose at home two weeks in a row.

Don’t misunderstand me; I hope the Gators win, and I hope they make it to the BSC Championship Game and win, but I am concerned that while they have shown toughness and some resourcefulness, there is no way they can compete with OSU or Michigan. As fans we should enjoy the year they have had and hope for the best in the SEC title game, but let’s face facts; they are playing on borrowed time and it is only a matter of time before the season comes crashing down around them. The South Carolina game may be the last game we can really celebrate this year. If that’s the case, it will still have been a great year and something to build on.

Go Gators.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

To All Islamic Extremists, Get a Reality Check

It is interesting to me to listen to these Islamic “extremists”, or whatever we are calling them this week, and hear them say they win if we pull out of Iraq. Well, news flash, we will have to pull out eventually and no, you did not or will not win. It is clear to me that even though we have made some mistakes, and the situation in Iraq is not ideal, I think we have proven the point that if you punch us, we will punch back and hard. For them to think we have no spine or stomach for conflict is a ridiculous assumption. They should spend some time reading about our history and what we will do to fight for our way of life.

Let’s just consider the Revolutionary War. While it started with a successful battle at Boston, the first year or two of this war was an embarrassment. The English started by beating us out New York in battle after battle. The mistakes by Washington and his men were numerous. The troops were plagued with disease, poor living conditions, desertion, poor training, and low self-esteem. They were outflanked, outnumbered, and overpowered in just about every engagement. The Continental Army was beaten from New York to the edge of our capital in Philadelphia and still we did not give up. Just when it looked like we were about to be overrun, Washington crossed the Delaware and caught the enemy with their pants down. The tide of the war turned and the rest is history.

Our history is filled with stories like these; of American’s making huge sacrifices in the face of danger, and always rising to the occasion. Don’t think for a moment that we are going to sit around and let you destroy us. You can be a thorn in our side for generations to come, but we will always be here and we will always fight back. To think you can win is a joke. We have you outnumbered, outgunned, and outsmarted. More than anything, we are free men and women fighting for our right to be free. Living under Islamic rule will never happen so you might as well move on to some other chump you can pick on because you will never win. Freedom will always survive.